How to advertise your business on linkedin group

What are LinkedIn Groups?
LinkedIn Groups are private forums where LinkedIn users discuss specialised topics. They are a great place for sharing ideas, meeting potential clients/customers and connecting with the biggest influencers in key verticals. As an example, take a look at the Our Social Times Monitoring Social Media Group.

Here are five reasons why you should be using LinkedIn Groups…

1. Enhance your credibility
Commenting on the latest industry developments; adding your 0.02 to user debates; sharing relevant news stories. It all helps to establish yourself as an engaged business with a brawny understanding of your field.

2. Expand the reach of your content
Blogging? LinkedIn Groups give you a highly targeted platform to share your content. Even better, Group members will receive email notifications when new content is shared. So there’s less chance of members missing your musings.

3. Generate ideas for new content
LinkedIn Groups can act as a ready-made focus group. Pay attention to the most-talked-about topics and augment your content strategy.

4. Learn about your target audience
The right LinkedIn Groups hardwire you into your target audience. Listen carefully and you’ll be able to gather all sorts of useful intel on your audience’s pain points, challenges, needs, fears and desires. That can influence everything from marketing strategy to product development.

5. Find the crowd for your next event
Hosting a seminar or networking event? LinkedIn Groups give you a great place to start with the invites.