How can i Add Google Adsense Code in my Website

How can i Add Google Adsense Code in my Website


A Google product that provides a way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on their websites.

If the website publisher is approved to show ads, Google gives them a piece of code to put on their site. The publisher chooses where to place ads and then earns money when visitors click on (or view, in some cases) the ads.

Your ads may show on AdSense sites when you run a Display Network campaign.

-> Sign in to your AdSense account

-> In the left navigation panel, click My ads

-> Find your ad unit in the list of ad units

-> click for Get code.

-> And copy the Ad code

-> Now in to your Cpanel

-> Go to File Manager

-> click on the public_html option and select partical page you want to display the ads

-> After selecting your page click on the edit option

-> Past the google adsense code in between head section or you can select particle place to display the ads in your page