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Tableau Course Description

Course Objective Summary

•                    Understand the many options for connecting to data

•                    Understand the Tableau interface / paradigm – components, shelves, data elements, and Terminology.

• The student will be able to use this knowledge to effectively create the most Powerful visualizations.

•                    Create basic calculations including string manipulation, basic arithmetic calculations, custom Aggregations and ratios, date math, logic statements and quick table calculations

•                    Able to represent your data using the following visualization types:

•                    Cross Tab

•                    Geographic Map

•                    Page Trails

•                    Heat Map

•                    Density Chart

•                    Scatter Plots

•                    Pie Chart and Bar Charts

•                    Small Multiples

•                    Dual Axis and Combo Charts with different mark types

•                    Options for drill down and drill across

•                    Use Trend Lines, Reference Lines and statistical techniques to describe your data

•                    Understanding how to use group, bin, hierarchy, sort, set and filter options effectively

•                    Work with the many formatting options to fine tune the presentation of your visualizations

•                    Understand how and when to Use Measure Name and Measure Value

•                    Understand how to deal with data changes in your data source such as field addition, deletion or Name change

•                    Understand all of your options for sharing your visualizations with others

•                    Combine your visualizations into Interactive Dashboards and publish them to the web


Course Content:

1.                   Introduction and Overview

•                    Why Tableau? Why Visualization?

•                    Level Setting – Terminology

•                    Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly

•                    The Tableau Product Line

•                    Things you should know about Tableau

2.                   Getting Started

•                    Connecting to Data and introduction to data source concept

•                    Working with data files versus database server

• Understanding the Tableau workspace

•                    Dimensions and Measures

•                    Using Show Me!

•                    Tour of Shelves (How shelves and marks work)

•                    Building Basic Views

•                    Help Menu and Samples

•                    Saving and sharing your work


3.                   Analysis

Creating Views

•                    Marks

•                    Size and Transparency

•                    Highlighting

•                    Working with Dates

•                    Date aggregations and date parts

•                    Discrete versus Continuous

•                    Dual Axis / Multiple Measures

•                    Combo Charts with different mark types

•                    Geographic Map Page Trails

•                    Heat Map

•                    Density Chart

•                    Scatter Plots

•                    Pie Charts and Bar Charts

•                    Small Multiples

•                    Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data

• Analyzing

•                    Sorting & Grouping

•                    Aliases

•                    Filtering and Quick Filters

•                    Cross-Tabs (Pivot Tables)

•                    Totals and Subtotals Drilling and Drill Through

•                    Aggregation and Disaggregation

•                    Percent of Total

•                    Working with Statistics and Trend lines

4.                   Getting Started with Calculated Fields

•                    Working with String Functions

•                    Basic Arithmetic Calculations

•                    Date Math

•                    Working with Totals

•                    Custom Aggregations

•                    Logic Statements

5.                   Formatting

•                    Options in Formatting your Visualization

•                    Working with Labels and Annotations

•                    Effective Use of Titles and Captions

•                    Introduction to Visual Best Practices


6.                   Building Interactive Dashboard


• Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard

•                    Making your worksheet interactive by using actions and filters

•                    An Introduction to Best Practices in Visualization

   Sharing Workbooks

•                    Publish to Reader

•                    Packaged Workbooks

•                    Publish to Office

•                    Publish to PDF

•                    Publish to Tableau Server and Sharing over the Web

Putting it all together

•                    Scenario-based Review Exercises

•                    Best Practices


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